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Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development

Rapid development of rabbit monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity from peripheral blood mononuclear cells

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Antibody Production and Engineering

Specialized expertise, fast production time, reliable quality and scalability

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Antibodies from Rare Animals
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Rabbit monoclonal antibodies for immune targets of guinea pig

Antibodies from Rare Animals
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QMAb™ - Quick Monoclonal Antibody from Blood

Qoolabs is the leading provider of rabbit monoclonal antibody services, offering top-quality products to support a variety of research, diagnostic and therapeutic development applications. Our team of expert scientists uses QMAb™ technology to produce highly specific and sensitive antibodies with wide coverage of epitope diversity, enabling precise detection of targets in complex samples. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make rabbit monoclonal antibodies for you and help advance your research and development projects.

How Does It Work and Timeline

QMAb™ was developed to quickly select highly specific monoclonal antibodies and clone paired heavy chain and light chain sequences of antibodies from rabbit peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The entire process is completed with four major steps:
  1. Rabbit immunization;
  2. Cloning the variable domains of antibody light chain and heavy chain coding DNA from antibody secreting cells in peripheral blood;
  3. Validation of each monoclonal antibody by ELISA and/or other functional assays;
  4. Expression and production of selected antibodies.
Estimated timeline: Rabbit immunization takes 8-12 weeks; Cloning and validation of antibodies are completed in 4 weeks; Recombinant antibody production takes 2 weeks.

Readily Available Antibodies

Using QMAb™ platform, hundreds of rabbit monoclonal antibodies were developed and are available from our store:

  • Anti-HCV core antigen antibodies
  • Anti-HBV core antigen antibodies
  • Anti-SARS-COV-2 N and S proteins antibodies
  • Anti-Guinea pig cytokine antibodies
  • Anti-streptavidin antibodies
  • Anti-FITC antibodies
  • Anti-Group A Streptococcus antibodies
  • Anti-Monkeypox virus antibodies
  • More antibodies in pipeline
If you do not find the antibodies you require on the list, please contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.

QMAb™ Advantages

The QMAb™ platform has demonstrated robustness in generating novel monoclonal antibodies and provides the following advantages:

  1. The monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) obtained are exceptional, possessing strong affinities and high levels of specificity.
  2. By utilizing single cell interrogation, the heavy and light chains of the antibodies are naturally paired, leading to the development of highly stable antibodies with a high production yield.
  3. Peripheral mononuclear cells extracted from blood are utilized, eliminating the need to sacrifice the animal for spleenocytes. The immunized animals can be retained for additional research, including obtaining different antibody clones at different time points and gathering polyclonal antibodies.
  4. The QMAb™ process boasts a fast turn-around time, with antibody clones available within a mere 3 to 4 months from the initial immunization.
  5. The QMAb™ process is highly adaptable to seamlessly incorporate your functional selection criteria. We regularly implement epitope specific screening, differential screening, and special binding assays to select from the entire B cell repertoire. Contact us to learn more about the distinct advantages in producing anti-idiotype antibodies using QMAb™.

Get Your Own Antibodies

Do you require antibodies to advance research? With our QMAb™ platform, we have assisted numerous clients in creating superior quality antibodies for a wide range of targets, including small molecules, peptides, proteins, complex mixtures, and polysaccharides, many of which were regarded as “challenging targets”. We aim to simplify the antibody development process for you by managing the complicated aspects on our end. Simply send us your antigen, and we will handle the rest and deliver your antibody clones. Contact us to obtain your own set of antibodies.

Here are some instances of challenging targets and applications for which we have successfully acquired antibodies via QMAb™ platform:

  • Antibodies to differentiate a single amino acid mutation;
  • Anti-idiotype antibodies;
  • Antibodies for complex mixtures with unknown targets;
  • Antibodies for small molecules;
  • Antibodies for peptides;
  • Antibodies for membrane proteins;
  • Antibodies for GPCRs;
  • Antibodies for IHC applications;
  • Antibodies for FACS applications;
  • Antibodies for lateral flow immunoassays and ELISA;
  • Antibodies for viral neutralization